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M-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

Firstly, Thank You For Considering Us

At M-Motion, we are taking ‘Property Management’ to new heights. We are committed to partnering with our investors on their journey to ‘wealth through property’. The traditional fundamentals of ‘Property Management’ will remain in place, albeit performed with greater efficiency. Moreover, we are redefining the meaning of ‘Management’ in real estate and further developing our investor relationship to that of a ‘Partnership’. 

We Are A New Vocation

M-Motion is here to join you on your property journey, and with your desired destination in mind, we will guide you, advise you and support you every step of the way.


Our team are highly trained and focused on ensuing your investments perform at the optimal level. 


We are here for you, to provide Protection, Prosperity & Peace of mind

M-Motion Property Management Gold Coast
M-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

Our Story So Far

Michael Mahon & Paul Arnell have shared a close working relationship for many years.

Coming from financial and business backgrounds both Paul and Michael recognised massive deficiencies within the industry and knew a more holistic and proactive approach was overdue. Countless conversations pertaining to the lack of ‘true management’ of the investors journey inspired the need for change. 


A commitment was made, a plan was designed, and the best team was assembled. The void that once existed in Property Management is no longer; M-Motion Property & Wealth Management is here to serve the property investor. We are here to guide you and your family towards independent wealth through property.

‘Headaches’ Cripple The Vision

The phase ‘Property Management’ is widely used. Traditionally, the term suggests a service designed to ‘manage’ your investment property. Such ‘Management’ is often diminished to rent collection and dealing with maintenance issues and tenant complaints as they happen. That reactive approach puts you, the investor on the backfoot and as most property investors will attest, it is the source of countless headaches!


Investors purchase property to create long-term wealth. There is no better vehicle to achieve financial independence. That said, the experience of most investors is often frustrating. Over time the motivation to build a portfolio of great investment homes is diminished and consequently most investors end up with just one or two such investments. This negative relationship with property is unfortunate and avoidable. Moreover, it represents a massive opportunity cost to the individual costing financial prosperity, early retirement and the real satisfaction that comes from astute property investment.

At M-Motion we think ahead, we are proactive, not reactive. We plan, we mitigate, we assess and we address and as a result, we prosper!

M-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

At M-Motion our objective is to fuel and facilitate your Property and Wealth Goals...Let’s Talk Goals

M-MotionM-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

Your wealth will grow in direct proportion to the number of properties you have, combined with how well each of those properties is managed.

M-MotionM-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

Your ‘property investment’ and ‘wealth creation’ goals are intrinsically linked. A little extra effort invested in your ‘investment property’ goes much further than you might at first realise. Such strategic efforts produce advantages to you, the investor that are compounded and prolonged.

M-MotionM-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

Fundamental objectives focus on securing good tenants, minimising vacancy periods and maximising rental returns. As such, once a property has been leased out, the job is considered done. From this point, traditional ‘Property Management’ is often reduced to rent collection and organising maintenance repairs.

The M-Motion Perspective...

We look beyond and do more so you go further faster.

Rent collection, managing rental arrears and reacting to maintenance requests is important but straightforward. 

Reacting to maintenance requests is also uncomplicated, although such repairs can be costly and the fact is, such problems are often preventable.

 With each and every property we manage we consider:

M-MotionM-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

Maximise yield through upkeep & protection against degradation

M-MotionM-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

Maintenance audits, allowing us to stay a step ahead of future problems

M-MotionM-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

Protecting the integrity of the property and its value

M-Motion Property Management Gold Coast

As ‘Property Managers’ what sets us apart?

The answer to this question stems from our view that we are not just managing a property, we are managing a ‘journey’... Every investor has embarked on a journey. Usually this journey starts out with the destination being ‘Financial Freedom’ or ‘Wealth through property’. 

As such, we know three things are vital.

Firstly, we must understand exactly what each of our investors is aiming to achieve. 

Secondly, our relationships are based on long-term objectives and thirdly, given the myriad of considerations at play, we know it takes a dedicated team to deliver the commitment we make to you, our client.

Got Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us, and one of our team members will acknowledge your request immediately and get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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